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Islamabad Expressway “Signal Free Corridor”

Islamabad Expressway "Signal Free Corridor"

This project signal-free corridor was approved under PSDP. The expected cost of this project is Rs741.395 million. According to the plan Considering the need for this facility, it was decided that a phased-wise approach will be followed and in phase-I, Korang Bridge and PWD underpass are needed to address the more difficult issues, according to the CDA statement.

 Islamabad signal-free corridor would be completed in three phases with a cost of 21.814 billion. During the second phase service roads will be expanded and maintained and 5 lanes will be made that will be an 8.5 km road from Faizabad to coral.

The Islamabad Highway Signal Free Corridor design consists of six variations, including complete cloverleaf roads each at I-8 cloverleaf, Khanna intersection, and Koral Chowk, while unfinished cloverleaf roads at Sohan and GT road.

It is relevant to notice that the development of this 12.5 km part of the plan is involved in the range of the design and it would be extended into four lanes on each side with a grade-separated facility.

The Islamabad expressway is the main hub route to the capital and neighboring areas as well as heirs to the residents of different housing societies that are located on the expressway.

The construction of the signal-free corridor will be a great help to the residents of the societies as well as for the traffic flow. This is one of the busiest routes. The CDA now should consider completing it as quickly as possible. But the spot among Rawat and Gulberg-Greens Interchange is facing delays and causing difficulties for passengers.

The CDA management has contacted the societies on the expressway to contribute 80 percent of the cost. To which most of them agreed. As it will be good for them in the long term. Following in the footprints of Gulberg Islamabad, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and Naval anchorage have offered to build dedicated interchanges on the Islamabad Expressway. The future of the housing societies depends upon the construction of this under construction signal-free corridor. Once it is constructed the traveling distance for the residents will be reduced. Besides, if the speed of construction activity on the plan picks up speed, the extent of real estate investment in encompassing housing societies will also improve.

Many investors had already started investing in Gulberg Islamabad as when the project of the signal-free corridor will be complete it will double their investments.

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