Gulberg Assosiate

Gulberg Greens Farm Houses Scheme

Gulberg Greens Farm Houses Scheme

If you are planning to buy a farmhouse, Gulberg green is your place. You need to check out the surroundings that look beautiful, and clean with greenery all around. Allow us to serve you if you are looking for renting, selling, and buying a farmhouse. Your farmhouse can not solely bring you many family-related benefits, but also a great deal of wind farm-related perks.


Safe, secure, and transparent investment is not just a dream anymore. Get the best investment offers With Gulberg Greens. With scenic views of beautiful view and lush mountains, Gulberg Greens is an ideally located gated community for you to live and grow. For the luxurious and standard living, ready farm house plots of 4,5, and 10 Kanal are designed in Gulberg Greens equipped with underground electricity, SUI gas, water supply, sewage & drainage system. Enjoy the tranquility of nature, fresh air, and peace in your farmhouse. With a peaceful and fresh environment, all the tensions will vanish. Enjoy the comfort of luxurious life with all the basic amenities of life. Easy access to prime locations of Islamabad. Renting some of your farmhouse property is also an awesome impression that could be making some extra income. Think of your years of retiring and picture yourself taking full benefit of the funds generated by your rentals, while still enjoying your peaceful country cottage or a farmhouse.


Privacy :

 You can enjoy your privacy. If you are cautious of interfering eyes and nosy neighbors then opting for a villa is a great alternative.

Scenery and nature


 Gulberg Islamabad comes with attractive and serene landscaped areas, devoted play areas, and other natural entertaining spaces giving one the chance to thrive amidst the goodness of nature.


Liberty to design


 You can customize your design according to your preferences. Some prefer to keep a uniform exterior while giving you full flexibility to design your interiors as per your choice, some others provide you with complete liberty to design your home as per your desire- both the interior and the exterior. Overall, villas give you a lot more freedom to design your own space as compared to Apartment living.


Gulberg Green is the place for you if you are looking for luxury and comfort.

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